Gain Control over your Conjur Cluster with SIGHUP ObSERVABILITY AND MONITORING MODULE

Obtain overall visibility on Conjur's cluster status

Observability and Monitoring Module for CyberArk Conjur by SIGHUP

What is Observability and Monitoring Module for Cyberark Conjur?

The Observability and Monitoring module for CyberArk Conjur by SIGHUP is a powerful tool that provides Conjur's customers with overall visibility of their Conjur cluster status. With its dedicated dashboard, metrics analyzer, and enhanced monitoring system, customers can proactively monitor their Conjur cluster and take immediate action to resolve any issues. 

Why is this important?

While Conjur is a powerful tool for securing applications and infrastructure, managing a Conjur cluster can sometimes be a challenging task.

This is where the Observability and Monitoring module for CyberArk Conjur by SIGHUP comes in.

Key features



Easy deploy

Easy to deploy

Real-time metrics

Real-time metrics

Cluster state

ETCD Cluster State


Container Engine Agnostic

Main Benefits

CyberArk Conjur, as Secrets Manager, has a crucial role in Cloud Infrastructure.  
It is important to be able to have an easy way to obtain a clear picture of its current status.

perfectly tuned

Be sure that Conjur is perfectly tuned

day-2 Ops

Obtain a clear picture of Cluster status during Day-2 operations


Have a clear Conjur infrastructure performance overview


Have at your disposal 
 deep metrics

ETCD cluster

Be able to constantly monitor ETCD Cluster Stateunder Conjur's hood


Be prepared to investigate and handle incidents or failures

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